Tips for a Smooth Recovery After Plastic Surgery

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Recovery is an important part of a successful plastic surgery procedure. A patient's actions before and after their procedure can either help or hinder their recovery. No matter the procedure, here are some general guidelines patients can follow to help support a successful recovery.

What to do before surgery

Patients can do these key things to prepare their homes and themselves for a comfortable healing period following plastic surgery.

Understand the surgeon's instructions

Though some advice is universal to any procedure, the surgeon will provide each patient with pre and post-op instructions specific to their procedure. Before the day of the procedure, patients need to make sure they understand these instructions, which include how to prepare, what to do, and what not to do before and after the procedure.

Take care of your health

Patients must know what to eat and drink and what activities to avoid before surgery. Going into a plastic surgery procedure in the best health possible will help set the patient up for a smooth recovery. There will likely be some restrictions on medications a patient can take and food they can eat before the procedure.

For example, the patient may need to fast before undergoing general anesthesia. Other than following procedure-specific instructions, patients should eat a healthy, balanced diet, stay hydrated, and avoid alcohol. Above all, patients must not smoke. Smoking hinders healing and increases the patient's chance of developing an infection or other post-surgical complications.

Prepare self and home

We urge patients to gather what they need for the day of surgery and the week or so after. Prepare by stocking the house with easy-to-prepare food and plenty of bottled water to stay healthy and hydrated. The nature of their procedure will somewhat dictate a patient's clothing choices. However, loose-fitting and comfortable clothing is recommended. Patients should also have their recovery area ready with books and other activities to keep them occupied while resting.

After surgery

Once the surgery is complete and the patient is home, the following tips will aid in their continued recovery.

Rest and limit movement

Patients must avoid strenuous activity immediately after surgery and for however long their surgeon recommends. However, some movements may be recommended to promote healthy circulation. Patients should talk to their surgeons about specific movement restrictions.

Stay hydrated

After surgery, hydration is crucial to healing. However, patients should avoid beverages high in sugar or those containing alcohol or caffeine. Recommended beverages include water, decaf hot or cold teas, and sports drinks with electrolytes.

Ask for help

Most likely, the patient will need someone to drive them home after surgery. However, patients are encouraged to have someone with them for 1-3 days after surgery. Patients with small children should arrange for help with childcare for these first several days.

Check-in with surgeon

Patients will have a list of possible complications to watch for and what to do should they arise. Patients should follow up and check in with their surgical team as directed during their aftercare. If infections or other complications are suspected, patients need to call their surgeon right away.

Aftercare is important

At Spectra Core Health LLC, we are committed to helping all our patients have a successful surgery. Our team is here to ensure you have a smooth and comfortable recovery. If you want to learn more about aftercare and recovery from plastic surgery, do not hesitate to contact our team.

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