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New medical technologies now allow for the noninvasive medical options that many people are looking for when dealing with certain medical issues. There are multiple reasons for why so many people are looking into their noninvasive medical options nowadays, including that:

  • Noninvasive procedures take less time to perform
  • Noninvasive procedures are less painful
  • Noninvasive procedures are more affordable than invasive medical options

With noninvasive medical options, there is no need for a general anesthetic, greatly minimizing any potential downtime.

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    Skin rejuvenation treatments can help to treat a wide variety of skin-related issues, i.e. sun spots, age spots, acne scars, wrinkles, rosacea and pigmentation issues. Modern technologies now allow for the noninvasive skin care treatments so many people need to properly treat their skin issues. A popular skin rejuvenation treatment option available involves using intense pulsed light (IPL). IPL is a type of restoration treatment that uses a spectral range of light to help improve the overall appearance of various skin conditions.


    IPL technology is a top choice amongst today’s professionals as it can be used for both aesthetic and therapeutic purposes. This modern skin rejuvenation technology can correct a number of skin issues by using a powerful light source that causes minimal damage to the skin. This noninvasive skin care option is preferable to the traditional invasive options, which is due to the numerous benefits that IPL technology allows.


    Hair restoration options are commonly sought by those who are experiencing any form of hair loss. When hair follicles are inactive or dormant it can lead to a thinning of the hair, which will continue if not treated. Because the majority of people experiencing hair loss would like to avoid the invasive hair restoration options available today, finding the best noninvasive hair restoration is often a top goal.


    PRP therapy stands for platelet-rich plasma therapy and is a therapy that can help regrow hair. The process involves drawing a patient’s blood before placing it in a centrifuge in order to get access to the plasma. We then inject the plasma back into the patient’s scalp, where hair loss occurs every month for a particular amount of time. The length of time for the process will vary on the needs of the patient and what we determine to be necessary.

    The fact that PRP works and comes with minimal side effects makes it a top hair replacement treatment choice for those suffering from hair loss. It takes about three months for patients to see any improvements when using PRP therapy, which is more effective for people with recent hair loss.

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    The Sheerwave® IPL 360 uses noninvasive modern technology to:

    • Help minimize the appearance of wrinkles
    • Smooth out pigmentation
    • Reduce facial redness
    • Improve the look of acne scars
    • Remove unwanted hair

    The Sheerwave IPL 360 can also remove tattoos since it is able to specifically focus on unwanted tattoo ink, breaking the ink particles up into smaller particles to gradually remove the ink over a period of time.

    People will notice results the first time they use the Sheerwave IPL 360. This process offers fast and comfortable treatment options that many people are looking for nowadays. When someone chooses to use the Sheerwave IPL 360, they are going to get the benefits of a younger appearance due to its ability to overall improve skin tone and texture.


    The Sheerwave IPL 360 works by using a pulsating light that can be adjusted to address its specific application as well as skin type. The wavelengths the light uses are what need to be adjusted as different medical issues will require different ranges of light. The right spectral range is necessary in order for the Sheerwave IPL 360 to do its job, which is able to use the body’s own natural process for certain healing purposes.

    The Sheerwave IPL 360 emits lower heat and includes an integrated cooling system, of which both support a comfortable and painless experience.


    Sheerwave IPL 360 treatments are common amongst people who are looking for the best ways to reduce unwanted hair. The Sheerwave IPL 360 targets the hair follicle, which is the best way to permanently reduce any unwanted hair growing on the body. Since the Sheerwave IPL 360 is able to cover large areas of the body at one time, it is both efficient and fast.

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