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If you are looking for a way to improve your appearance, consider a facial enhancement at Paul C. Dillon, MD Inc. The procedures outlined below can improve your look as well as your confidence. These are effective procedures for those who have sagging skin and/or wrinkles as well as those who are middle-aged and simply desire a more attractive appearance.

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    Face lift surgery, also known as a rhytidectomy, is a procedure that minimizes the facial wrinkles as well as other signs of aging. The aim of this procedure is to boot the aesthetic beauty of the patient’s face and jaw. This surgery reverses the effects of stress, aging and exposure to harsh weather. Dr. Paul Dillon performs the procedure by lifting and tightening the muscles below the skin on the face to form a more aesthetically beautiful shape/contour. The procedure rejuvenates the patient’s facial structure, making him or her appear younger.

    A face lift also involves the removal of excess accumulations of skin and fat that create a tired or aged appearance. The procedure remedies loose skin, sagging skin, turkey wattles, jowls and drooping portions of the skin around the eyes. The end result is a visually striking, natural-looking face and jaw with minimal (if any) scarring. This aesthetic improvement enhances appearance as well as self-esteem.

    A face lift can help to reduce the sagging of skin on the cheeks and jawline. Face lift treatment at our practice in Columbia, MD, we can help to reverse some of those effects. We can also help to return the contour to one’s face to create a more youthful appearance.


    The neck is one of the most common places where signs of aging occur. The neck’s appearance often worsens over time by sun exposure and/or weight loss. An individual who has an aged neck and/or loose skin or sagging skin around the neck should consider a neck lift. Neck lift surgery helps restore the natural elasticity of the neck skin. It can remove excess fat and skin to make the patient’s neck much more youthful-looking, slim and attractive. This is quite the transformative procedure. A surgeon can even restore underlying muscle beneath the excess fat and skin to dramatically improve the patient’s physical appearance.

    If you are concerned about neck lift surgery, do not fret. This is one of the safest plastic surgery procedures. Minimal incisions behind the ears and below the chin are required to remove fat through surgical excision or liposuction. The procedure has the potential to produce very minor scarring yet the final result will dramatically enhance the patient’s look.

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    Those who are even slightly unhappy with the look of their nose should consider nose surgery. This surgery can address the size, shape and/or angle of the nose. Whether your nose is too small, too large or not in proportion to your face, nose surgery is the solution. This procedure can also help those who suffer from breathing or congestion problems, those with a drooping nasal tip and those with a nasal hump. Patients enjoy an improved self-image and self-confidence following nose surgery. A patient who is in good general health, has realistic expectations, and a desire for a better-looking nose is the prime candidate for this surgery.

    The procedure commences with a numbing of the nose. Dr. Paul Dillon makes incisions to reach the bones and cartilage supporting the nose. Dr. Paul Dillon then removes or adds the cartilage and bone. He may also alter the nose’s supporting structures by shortening, lengthening, increasing, decreasing the size. If necessary, Dr. Paul Dillon will implement tissue fillers to add volume. By remolding the skin and other tissues, he can form the shape of the structure beneath. It is even possible to implement tip grafts consisting of cartilage for a remodeling of the nose tip that generates a thinner, shorter, longer or more uplifted tip.


    Dermal fillers reduce facial lines. They also provide fullness and volume to the face. The aging process gradually causes the human face to lose subcutaneous fat. Facial muscles are forced to work closer to the surface of the skin. This allows for crow’s feet and smile lines to form. Furthermore, facial skin stretches over time, causing diminished facial volume. Dermal fillers rectify these problems by plumping thin lips, softening wrinkles and facial creases, enhancing shallow contours, removing the shadow of lower lids, reconstructing contour deformities and enhancing the appearance of scars that have recessed.

    The dermal filler process commences with a facial assessment and mapping. The patient’s face might be marked to pinpoint sites for filler injection. Those sites are then cleansed and anesthetized. A cold instrument chills the skin to reduce potential pain. The injection is then performed. This process can take as little as 15 minutes or as long as an hour.

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